Wednesday, April 27, 2011

W is for Weminder

This message comes to you from Elmer Fudd

Just a weminder fo' all you deaw weaders out thewe:  I'm hunting wabbits.

Excuse me, this is Emily.  I'm sorry, I just need to butt in right here for a second.  Elmer, that is NOT what you need to be reminding my readers of.

It's not?

No, it's not.  Remember?  The contests?

Oh, wight!  The contests!  Sowwy.

In case you've fowgotten, Emiwy is having two contests wight now!  One of them is aaaaaaaaalmost ova!  To sign up befow you miss ya' chance to get some amaaaaaaaazing pwizes, click this link to find out what you can do.  Also, Emiwy has infowmed me that she'll be giving those books and that gift cawd away anyway and that anyone who becomes a new followa', tweets, or bwogs about it will have a betta' chance of winning.

Don't miss out!

Now I'm off to hunt me some wabbits!


  1. This was hawawious! Thanks for the laugh! Blessings, Joanne


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