Friday, April 8, 2011

G is for Get'er Done

Whatever project you have going on now...

Finish it.

You can do it.  You really can.

My first few books I tried to write never saw the end.  I started to think I was totally incapable of finishing anything I started.  Then I wrote a book that took me six years to write.  But I finished it.  My next book took me two years to write before I typed "The End."*

My latest WIP?  That one took me one week to finish.

I realized it was all in my head.  If I kept telling myself I couldn't finish anything, nothing ever got finished.  But if I told myself something was going to be done in such-and-such time, it was done.  No, it wasn't the prettiest thing in the world, but that's what the second draft is for.

You can't perfect a story until you've laid the groundwork.  So lay it, and get'er done!  :)

What are you working on now that you just wish you could get'er done?  And yes, I am saying that phrase with a deep voice and heavy accent.  :)  I suggest you try it.  It's very fun.

*For the purposes of this post, I'm pretending I type "The End" at the end of a manuscript, but I don't suggest you do it in real life.

~In need of more books to read?  Check out the A is for Awesome contest going on right now!~

EDIT:  ELEMENTAL's release date has been chosen!  Now all you have to do is wait until June 21st and the fight for the galaxy will be on!  Feel free to grab the code for the countdown widget (look above in my pages) and spread the word at your blog!  Thanks, everyone!


  1. I know I can write a book but I'm having a really time getting motivated. Even though I love the story, diving into the writing means I'm actually going to go through all this hardship again. The hope building and then being stiffled into obvlivion once I start querying. Don't know if I'm strong enough just now.

  2. I had a screenplay teacher who said, whatever you start, you have to finish. I always took that to heart and it's never let me down.

  3. Excellent post. I just started a new manuscript and my goal is definitely to finish it before I begin the worry cycle.

  4. but.. but.. but..
    this goes against ALL the tenants of the church of procrastination!

  5. Ok ok. I'm getting off the internet for a couple hours to go work on my zombie story. Sheesh. ;D

    Get 'er done! Hehehehe

  6. I've got revisions awaiting me, a rough draft awaiting me, and some pages I need to critique for other writers. On top of all that I've got the A-Z Challenge, too. Pleased to meet you from there, by the way!

  7. Oh crap. Now I have to stop reading blogs and get to work.

  8. Right now, my horror short story is hiding in the filing cabinet. I wrote the first draft and decided it needed a lot of changes. Well, when I went to make the changes, I couldn't get passed my mental block. Just signed up for a writing short story intensive. Hopefully, it will get'er done. Good luck with the challenge!

  9. I still can't believe you whipped through MORCAH in one week during NaNo! :) And how exciting you have a date for the release of ELEMENTAL!! Woo!

  10. ah, so no summer holiday for you this year :)

  11. I am in the middle of a big project that I've been commissioned to paint. I am enjoying the process but every now and then I will doubt myself. I am getting better at not letting that hold me back and realizing it's okay to do things the way I do them and not feel like it has to be like somebody else's art. I am working to get it done, I think I have about 60 more hours of work, hooray! Thanks for the boost!

  12. I just finished the last paper of my undergraduate career. Nice entry!


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