Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Adverbs Are Like Chocolate Syrup

I love analogies, so here's one for you:

Adverbs are like chocolate syrup...too much and you'll just get nauseous.

~Emily White


  1. I like them too, or at least I did, especially ones that are really colorful.

    Then I read Stephen King's On Writing, and I went back through my MS and took out as many as possible. I need to be as conservative with words as possible because of my word count anyway, so it helped a little.

  2. oooh...nice simile. I always have a ton in my first draft, but at least they're easy to cut in revisions

  3. Okay, the adverbs thing I agree with, but chocolate syrup?
    Come on, you can't have too much of that.
    Just like the doctors recommend, I've been drinking eight glasses of chocolate syrup a day for years, and I've never felt better.

  4. Nice analogy! I read King's book, too, and now whenever I read his stuff, I look for adverbs in his writing. I think he lets a few creep in!

  5. Justine-think about what the analogy said: TOO much...a little here and there may add a nice flavor (when done properly), but going crazy with them just gets to be too much.

    Matthew-Ha! I'm still impressed that you were able to write out over 400,000 words.

    Falen-I'm the same way. When I'm first writing, I think "ooh, that sounds so good." Going back through it, not so much.

    Jai-that's a good one! Hehehe!

    Brad-I hate to say this, but your doctors weren't talking about chocolate syrup. It's eight glasses of tequila, or scotch (whatever your preference) :)

    Michelle-I've read a lot of King's books and I tend to wonder if the same person wrote On Writing. Still love his stuff, though.


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