Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Update on Aurumenas

Final edits are going extremely well; I am very pleased. I don't feel like I'm trudging along anymore, struggling to get to the end. Switching to First Person was definitely a wise choice.

So let me tell you how I got there...

Since starting this project, I've struggled with choosing just the right POV to write through. I started out in Omniscient, switched to Third Limited, and then went back to Omniscient, but none of it was ever quite right. During my last edits in Omniscient, I felt that I was close. I had found a good voice that flowed well, but on rereading Aurumenas, I realized that my MC just wasn't coming out the way I wanted her to. By distancing myself from her in that POV and putting her on the same level as my other characters, I found that by the end of the book, the reader didn't have any real reason to sympathize with her situation, at least not any more than any other character. And I also realized that I was giving the villains too much page time. I don't mean in that I showed the villains too much, but in that in order to prove they were evil, I just went through the scene focusing more on their pov than others. I felt like I was cheating. I wasn't showing them through Nathadria's eyes. And to be frank, she had no real reason to fear them because of this.

Things are completely different now. The other characters are coming to life more than ever now that I'm forcing Nathadria to really notice them. And I'm in love. Seriously. Now, when I reread a previous section to get myself into the right frame of mind, I don't go "ugh." I actually like what I'm reading. And it's nice because now I see an end to my edits. I feel like I've been washing a car. The first draft was the initial cleaning, the edits were me putting on the coat of wax, and now I'm buffing it to a sparkly shine. Those finished areas don't need to be reworked; I'm truly moving forward.

And the best part of all of this is that now I can really show how crazy Nathadria is. She's nuts, trust me. Solitary confinement can do some nasty things to a person. Mwahahahaha!

~Emily White


  1. That's great news Emily, I'm glad to hear the POV switch is working out for you. With all the work involved it must be nice to know it's working.

  2. Great for you! I look forward to BUYING it once it is in print.
    I like the Mwahaha, too.

  3. i'm glad you've found peace with your perspective issues! i'm struggling with the same thing, and it was super helpful to see your train of logic. so, thanks! keep up the good work!

  4. Yay! POV can be hard to decide upon. I am currently having the same struggle, but still am on the fence about where to go with it. I'm stubborn that way.

    Oh and muahahaha! as well. :D

  5. aspiring_x,

    Good luck with your project! I'm glad I could help. :)

  6. Caledonia,

    When all else fails, the best POV to go with is ALL of them simultaneously. ;) Or, even better, the pet animal that observes everything unbeknownst to his human masters. :D

    That would definitely make for interesting reading. Hehehe!


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