Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Update on Aurumenas

Things are still going very smoothly. I'm working on chapter five this week. Actually, this is the new, never before written chapter five that will push the previous one to chapter six. It's a scene that I always had in my head, but never wrote down. It was silly, really, because this particular scene is pivotal to a certain character's development. I don't know why I never wrote it--perhaps it was just laziness.

At this point, I seem to be getting one chapter done a week. I really want to get up to at least two, perhaps three a week at some point, but for now, my kids are being demanding.

Nathadria is pleased with me for letting her tell her own story, so she's been cooperating nicely. The other characters, Meir and Malik, are having a great deal of fun at her expense, so they've been easy to work with as well.

Nathadria's love interest is about to make his first appearance, and I'm really excited about revising that part. I've got some wonderful ideas brewing in my head that are itching to be put down on paper. I just have to keep reminding myself to be patient.

There's nothing much more than that. I'm still plugging away, and loving every minute of it.

By the way, just ten more days until the Book Club for The Secret Year. I received my copy last week and finished it in four hours (this is an estimation as I didn't finish it in consecutive hours--I wish my family was that cooperative!). There's only 192 pages to the whole thing--too easy to finish.

If you haven't gotten your copy yet, get to it!

~Emily White


  1. I'm glad to hear about your progress. I got a couple of short chapters done over the weekend on my new WIP. I see others making progress, too. Maybe we're all over our slump now. :-)

  2. i'm glad you're making progress! super exciting! i understand about the kiddos. i only write during naptime and the middle of the night. does tend to slow things down a bit, huh?

  3. I love seeing your progress. I try to do two chapters a week as well, but then get frustrated at myself when I fall short of these weekly goals. It's really exciting that things are going smoothly for you! Best of luck with your writing project :)

  4. Thank you all very much! It's so much fun sharing my progress.


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