Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Pitch and a Nook

I've got a couple things on my mind today. One, I reeeaaallly want to purchase the nook. Seriously. When I think about having 1,500 books at my disposal without cluttering my house, my mouth starts watering. I'm not all that interested in the new iPad. It's far too expensive (starting at $500) and it's really more like a mini laptop as opposed to just an e-reader. Eh. Not what I'm looking for. And the kindle doesn't come with as many features. So, the nook it is! And let me tell you, the accessories abound! Just the cute little covers you can buy for it are getting my heart racing!

Yes, when I fall in love with something, I do become a walking ad. But alas, if I do have any hope of purchasing my new love interest, it must be at a later date. That's the one bad thing about being an adult--you have bills and other responsibilities that get in the way of buying toys. We have a truck and car to repair, a tree to have cut down, a porch (possibly two porches) to rebuild, and a host of other things that continuously make demands on our feeble income. So the nook must wait. :( It makes me very sad.

But on a happier note, I think I've settled on my one sentence pitch! Nathan Bransford's recent blog post on The Importance of the Pitch has gotten my creative juices going. So without further ado...

My one sentence pitch for Aurumenas:

Nathadria is weak, half-starved, and clumsy... and destined to kill a god.

Tada! I rather like it, but then, I am partial. Now you must share your one sentence pitches (if you have them). I'd love to see what everyone has!

~Emily White


  1. Nice pitch! Good surprise there at the end.

    My current is a bit long but stands at:

    Fifteen year old Lee Ruccio is a reluctant juvenile delinquent who arrives at reform school fearing the worst but eventually discovers esoteric mysticism and arcane magic hidden beneath the hard-knock surface.

  2. Nice, Matthew! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ooh, I like yours, Christi! Very intriguing!


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