Friday, April 9, 2010

A Little Motivation

Hmm...I was hoping for some more enthusiasm for the book club. I guess I may just have to add some extra incentive. All right, here goes. I understand that for writers such as ourselves, money is often tight and time is basically non-existent, so I'm prepared to hold a little contest. I will give you from today until next Wednesday (the 14th) to send over as many of your followers as possible to commit to reading The Secret Year and participating in the discussion. The person who has sent over the most people (at least 5) will win the book. I'll pay for it and have it shipped to you overnight. As far as time goes, well two weeks is a LONG time to read a book. I'm sure you can get it done in a few days. ;)

Have your followers respond in the comments section of the previous post (here) with your name. Again, they don't need to be followers of this blog to take part. They are certainly welcome to follow, but that is not a prerequisite. I'll announce the winner on Wednesday at 9:00pm (EST), so you have up until 8:00pm that day to get your followers over here.

However, I'll only be awarding the prize if the winner has gotten at least five people to commit. Overnight shipping is expensive, so I've got to make some conditions.

Good luck!

~Emily White


  1. Haha! Thanks! That was the sign my drill sergeants had on the door to their office. I always thought it was rather funny.

  2. Okay, I like you already. I'm a pirate at heart! I'm pretty tied up at the moment with revising and now this blogging challenge on top of preparing my house for company. So, I dropped by due to a post from Christi Goddard :D. She brought me, let's say.

    And now I am a follower, as I write fantasy and lurve it to death. :D


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