Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Update on Aurumenas

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm still trying on new templates. This theme we'll call the Book theme. I've got three more that I want to try out and then I'll put up the poll.

Revisions are going slowly but steadily. I haven't quite finished chapter five yet. When I first started writing it, I knew that this section was pivotal to one character's development, but I had no idea that it was pivotal to two of them. I was really stupid for avoiding this scene. I'll be honest, writing this is kind of making me depressed. One of the characters is going through his tragic past and it's really affecting me. I'll admit that I'm trying to avoid it. But I must write, or else I'm going to be stuck on this chapter forever. Sigh. Let's just say that something happened to him that I swore I would avoid in my writing because I knew the pain too personally. It's bringing up some bad memories, which I'm actually going to get to on Wednesday in my one day early About Me post.

Why is it going to be one day early? Because this Thursday is the Book Club! I know that all of you are eager to get to discussing and so am I.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

~Emily White


  1. this is really pretty and easy to read! anyway, try to remember the separation between you and your character. if you need to get into character, become him, don't let you be you. but remember the truth in your personal tragedy will put such heart into the prose that it will be worth it! keep up the good work! the scene will be over soon!

  2. Thank you, everyone. I kind of like this one myself. It's simple and pretty.

  3. Thanks, aspiring_x. I think the problem is that I'm becoming him a bit too much. The situation really changed him and he's still suffering from it. Compound his feelings with my own, and it's become pretty hard. But, I'm working through it. Thanks again!


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