Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Yes, we all love news and I've got a bit to share. First, my copy of The Secret Year arrived yesterday! I'm very excited. Just a reminder for all of you, click here if you're interested in taking part in the discussion on April 29th.

Second, Sarah Wylie is having a fun little contest over at her blog that I think all of you should check out. I mean, only if you're interested in a query critique, partial critique, or lunch with Janet Reid! But I'm not going to pull your arm. ;)

Third, it's Wednesday! And it's beautiful in New York. This just has me excited. I hope all of you are enjoying the warming weather. Don't forget to get outside and enjoy the sun. I know that it's too easy to become homebodies when we're in a writing mood, but fresh air is important. So go and get some! :)

~Emily White


  1. I went for a bike ride yesterday and It's just had me jazzed up since. I love fresh air.

  2. Ah, wonderful fresh air. But I'll like it better when it's not so "fresh" with me. Still a bit chilly for most of the day. But I did get out in it: introduced basic rules for t-ball to my son as few days ago and today helped my in-laws plant some trees around their house.


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