Thursday, August 26, 2010

Did Someone Say Blogfest?

Because we're going to have one right here in four, that's right, FOUR days!  There's been a lot of excitement around this contest and I want to keep it going!

Tell everyone where you're at with the story writing process!  Are you done and twiddling your fingers in anticipation for the big day?  Sooooo close to being done and loving it?!  Halfway there and feeling confident about the deadline?  Not even started and wondering how on earth you're going to get it done??

Let us know!

If you're that last one, remember, you still have the option of doing a 50 word micro story.  It takes literally minutes to write and can be a LOT of fun!

Good luck everyone!

~Emily White


  1. Well, I've started and am in the middle...and I may end up stuck there forever. :( My vision was grand, but to complete my vision, it would need to be a lot longer. I'm already at 1,500 words and I haven't even hit the climax yet. If I complete it and cut it, it's going to lose some impact. But I will persevere and have something ready. :)

  2. So many contests/ blogfests are around the 30th. I'll be posting the fight blogfest on the 30th...but I have your contest up in my sidebar for others :)

  3. ugh! i'm not signed up because i was worried about time AND had no ideas for it. now i have an idea i love... but TIME ugh!! i need to write a bit of it down, but shoot i think the idea might be the start of something bigger... so to shrink it, and you know actually WRITE it. ugh. we'll see! i'm trying! i'm trying!
    btw. you are so cute! "did someone say blogfest?" LOL!

  4. Mine would have been WAY too long, but I'm still going to come read!

  5. OK, I am going to give it a shot! I just had an idea for a crime thriller. Let's see how much "thrill" I can fit into 50-1000 words! Haha.

  6. I think I still might be a few words over 1k... Gonna have to give it at least one more edit before the thirtieth.

  7. I have mine finished and am too afraid to re-read because I know that will send me straight to revisions! I have to re-say that writing this was way too much fun! It would be super groovy if I one, but I just had too much fun writing it that I think I already won something big!! And yes... keeping it to 1000 words was tough once I got going! There's a lot on the scrap floor and I learned so much about making that kind of decision! :)


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