Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Fun Time! Sebastian's Tunes!

I officially started first draft writing mode yesterday!  For all of my new followers and those who may not remember, that essentially means I'm back to being a brain dead zombie (i.e. writing a chapter a day).

When writing like this I have to, and I mean I HAVE TO listen to music.  I took a couple minutes to think of what would be exactly right and realized Sebastian (the MC of Hansel and Gretel) loves listening to Linkin Park and Muse.  So, in honor of him, I'm going to post a video from each band.

Linkin Park:


Yeah, I listened to these two songs a few times yesterday.  Sebastian was happy.

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Have a great weekend, everyone!

~Emily White


  1. Cool! I've never picked songs based on what a character likes, but approached it like a movie soundtrack. Your method is a different kind of insightful!

  2. Will--It's the only way that works for me. With two little kids who only give me two hours a day to write, I need to get into my MC's head *immediately.* What better way than to listen to what he/she likes?

    Jen--Aaww! Thanks! :D I'll have to come by and check it out!

  3. What an interesting way to consider music! I've never thought of that before.

  4. Hi Emily this is David, I love the New Born Video too!

  5. Music works for me as well, although I tend to keep it random :)

  6. I like what you said about using music to get into your character's head immediately. I've never used music in this way but it just may work!


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