Friday, August 20, 2010

Guess that Character Blogfest: Day Two!!

Nope, that picture isn't my character (no peaksies for you guys!).

This blogfest is so much fun and the guesses so fun to read, I thought I'd give a breakdown.

Out of 39 guesses...

6 of you thought my character was a man. A couple of you weren't sure on the gender.

21 of you thought my character had brown or black hair.  One of you thought my character was hispanic (love that guess, by the way!)

Quite a few of you were SO close to being absolutely right.  One of you came the closest to the looks, but she might have had a slight advantage being my beta and all (though, she would have only known the hair color for sure).

The closest:

Rose Cooper:

"I see a young girl. scrawny. Petite. Her voice contradicts the way she looks as her voice is much stronger than her body. She's weak and a mess. Her hair, once lovely, is now an uneven mess to her shoulders thanks to a do-it-yourself attitude and a pair of dull scissors. Her clothes are ragged and dirty but she's determined to overcome her obstacle and become the strong person that nobody believes her to be."    Besides the hair trim, you're pretty much dead on (she just never had access to scissors).

Genie of the Shell:

"Uh, HUNGRY. Skinny to the degree of looking emaciated, dull skin and thin, brittle hair, large eyes, petite build. My general impression is of someone sickly but scrappy, small but tough. I pictured a young female in her late teens or early 20s."

ONE of you had Ella's height exactly!

Brenda Drake guessed 5'8".  For all of you guessing shorter, you were absolutely right.  When the average height is 6'2", 5'8" is pretty darn small.

Krisin Rae's guess of dark circles under the eyes was right on.

and Dianne K. Salerni:

"She's thin and malnourished, with pale colorless hair that is raggedly cut and uncombed. She's dirty and dressed in ill-fitting clothes. Her hands are so thin that her wrist bones jut out, and her skin is pale enough to see the veins through it. Her eyes are large in the hollows of her face and darkened by shadows, but there's a fire in them. She has not surrendered her spirit."

Now, I bet you're waiting for the picture, aren't you?  Well, aspiring_x guessed my character looked like Amanda Seyfried and it was so absolutely close that I immediately fell in love with it!

The chin is a tad too pointed, but other than that, great job!

This is who I pictured when writing Elemental:


Only, without the glittery stuff around her.  This is what Ella could potentially look like if she was healthy.  At the point of the book where I pulled the snippet, she is an extremely malnourished version of this.  She has slightly yellow skin and dark circles under her eyes.  Her hair is pulled back into a messy ponytail and she has practically no muscle mass whatsoever.

Great job, everyone!  I loved reading all of your guesses!  :D


  1. ha! sorry for cheating! (actually i'm not so much... this was the first one i was anywhere close to right) even though i've read a bunch of elemental, i didn't know if i imagined ella anything like you wrote her... my brain being so twisty turvy- but hooray... and your pic! (both really) was SO PURTY!!!

  2. Wow!!! I love it! Everyone was so detailed in their descriptions. I love that they took time to really think about what she looked like. I love your character she is beautiful when she's healthy (unfortunately it's the only picture I can see.)

    Thank you for your entry!!! I'm looking forward to your upcoming blog fest!

  3. What fun! Best of luck with the project :D

    Happy Weekend!

  4. hahaha...I guessed it was a guy. Shame on me. But if she were severely malnourished, all the femininity would be masked (okay okay I'm reaching here...)

  5. I can definitely see Amanda in this role, although I was picturing a younger girl. Still, I'm psyched! This is my first right guess so far!

  6. All right! I got one!! Ella is lovely, when she's healthy.

    My character is pretty good-looking, too... when he isn't enchanted. Come check him out!

  7. beautiful pics and I love how you published how close some of were. very nice touch!

  8. At least I got the gender and the hair color right. :)

  9. Oh my goodness, I got everything wrong but the height. I love what she actually looks like. :D

  10. Sorry I didn't manage to get to yours, but I thought it was a great snippet!

  11. I love how you revealed! And I'm so excited on being closest--I never get these right! I love your character and snippet, this was great!

  12. Ooooh! She's so pretty and fairy-like. I definitely got the malnourished bit, but I think that's all I got, lol.

  13. Great picture. I was so far off it's embarrasing, but it was fun to read your snippet. :)

  14. I didn't get to all the posts yesterday :(

    Love your breakdown of the character and the guesses - nice snippet too :)

  15. I came back over to see the first picture and I love it!!! I'm glad I stopped by! She rocks!!!

  16. Love your snippet and your character is gorgeous!


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