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I must say you guys were incredibly cruel to me.  I had hoped that there would be at least ONE story I could write off immediately, thus making my job easier.  No such luck.

I assure you the whole process was extremely scientific.  I felt like I was back in college.  I took notes, there was a rating system.  Everything!  After a few hours of sweating and nail biting, I've come up with the finalists.

But first!  There were some that I wanted to recognize for certain reasons:

For best closing line:

S.E. Sinkhorn @ maybe genius--“'All right, girly,' I say. 'Let’s get you your happy ending. Just promise me you won’t give him his.'”  

Plus, your line about Crystal Balls was just hilarious!

For phenomenal use of acronyms:

Joshua--He did a sci-fi version of the Three Little Pigs.  Hay-Hyperbaric Atomic Yield, Wood-Warren Orbital Observation Depot, and Bric-Billet Risk Intelligence & Command.  Pure genius!

Coolest Weapon Ever (and suckiest way to die):

Palindrome--"Something wraps around my ankle. I stumble into the hair. It reaches above my head and I try to climb out but it keeps me trapped. Cold strands crawl up my arms, curling around my neck. As it moves closer, I spy several gleaming skulls tangled within the hairy mass. I kick my legs, a few strands snap as I struggle, but the hair won’t budge. I twist and turn until I’m on my back." --From her version of Rapunzel.

I wish I could keep going with the honorable mentions because all the stories were just that good, but that would make for a very loooong post.  There were some stories that were very beautifully written, there was one that pushed the sexy meter (good take on Red Riding Hood, by the way), and there were zombies.  Emily is terrified of zombies.  *chills*

I was thoroughly impressed with what you guys came up with!  But now, I guess it's time to get to the finalists.  That's what you guys are waiting for, isn't it?  You're probably yelling at me right now to just get on with it.  Okay.

But first!  You guys know that I'm not an agent or publisher and the fact that you did not end up as one of the finalists in no way implies your story wasn't good.  Seriously.  Some of the stories were neck & neck for the finals, but they were the same story and I had to pick my favorite.  In the end, I found I was personally drawn to those stories who had amazing endings or a really unexpected twist that left me either laughing or going "wow."

So, without further ado!  

The Finalists Are:







Brad Jaeger

Stuart Sharp

Anne Riley

Vic (aspiring_x)
Dangerous With a Pen


Click their links, reread the stories, and vote in the comments here!

Some more rules:
I know, we hate them, but they're important.  Everyone is allowed to gather more voters for this contest (in fact, this is encouraged), but please do not ask people to vote for a particular finalist.  That just isn't fair for the finalists who may not have as many followers as the next guy.  If I find a finalist asking people to just come on here and vote for them, I will take said finalist out of the contest.  I'm sure you guys won't do that, but I had to say it anyway.

A recap so we all understand:  go ahead and ask people to vote, but don't ask them to vote for you or your friend.  Let's make sure this doesn't become a popularity contest.

If you wish to vote anonymously, you may do so.  Just don't get mean, people.  Again, I'm sure you won't, but it has to be said just in case.

Now get to voting!  (you may vote for one person, and one person only.  If you name two people in your comments, I will only count the first person you mentioned).

Have fun and good luck!

Edit:  I forgot to mention that you have until next Monday (Sept. 5th) to vote.

Edit #2:  Moon Unit had a bad link yesterday.  Here's the right one for all of you to read her story!


  1. Congrats guys! So sorry I didn't have time to participate. It looks like it was really fun! :o(

  2. Congrats to the finalists. I vote aspiring X - first
    Dangerous with a pen - second
    Anne Riley - third

  3. Congratulations to the finalists!!!

    I vote for Aspiring X!!!! That story totally kicked back!!!

    Anne Riley would be my second!!!

    Great blogfest Emily!!!

  4. My Congrats to all the finalist! It doesn't get any easier trying to pick one of these five...but I'll have to go with -

    Aspiring X. Her story just seemed to resonate with me a tad bit more than the others.

  5. oooh, I'm voting for Vic. I love post-apocalyptic stories.

    Thanks for the honorable mention! And thanks again for the awesome blogfest! I want to do it again!!

    I may do my own coming up here! I'm getting close to that mark...

  6. I vote for Brad - i love me some blood spatter

  7. Congratulations to all the finalists and honorable mentions! I've gone back and red them all, and I CAN'T DECIDE right now, because they are so good, so I'll be back later with my vote.

  8. Great blogfest, I'm sad I missed it. Next time...

    Congrats to all the finalist.

    My vote's for aspiring X.

  9. Congratulations to everyone!! I don't know how you picked just 5, they were all so good yesterday!!

    My vote is for Anne Riley. Her story inspired a few things in my writing and her snippet made me wish the rest of the story was there. :)

    Way too much fun!!

  10. I have to vote for Stuart Sharp. Although everyone did an amazing job!

  11. Congratulations to all the finalists! This was a really, really wonderful blogfest. The talent than came out was incredible. Thank you for the honorable mention :)

    My vote is also going to aspiring_x, because her version of Pinocchio was stunning and heartfelt.

  12. Oh my gosh... this is a total win/win because this was super fun, I am just getting to reading all of the entries since I joined the party really late, but WOW, I am stunned by the ideas and the talent amassed here. Plus you have led me to a whole bunch of blogs I didn't know! Awesome in every direction.

    This is a very tough call (glad I didn't have to narrow from 43!) but my vote goes to Aspiring_x (first, and Stuart Sharp if I could pick a second).

    Now I must go read the ones I haven't gotten to yet!

  13. I loved them all. I'm glad I wasn't the one choosing the finalists.

    But Stuart's getting my vote. All five are so close THE winner though it almost impossible to pick only one.



  14. Ooh...what an evil choice! So difficult! Think I'll have to (just barely) go for Dangerous with a Pen!

  15. How fun! I must be out of the Happenin' loop, cuz I've never heard of a blogfest before. I'm glad I stumbled onto this site (thanks to Steph Sinkhorn)!

    MY VOTE: Dangerous with a Pen's version of Red Riding Hood.

    If there's a VERY close second, it'd be Anne Riley's Cinderella. There is some definite talent flying around the blogosphere; congratz to everyone.

  16. I'm going with Stu's post. Really tough choice though! Congrats to all of the finalists!

  17. I have to go with Dangerous With A Pen. Loved it.

  18. Congratulations! Awesome stories!

    I vote Vic (aspiring_x) - first

    Dangerous with a Pen - second

    And Anne Riley - third

  19. I love love love aspiring_x's entry

    My vote is for her piece!!

  20. This was HARD - but I vote for Stuart Sharp (with Vic as a close, CLOSE second! Like, by a hair. Pun not intended.)

  21. I vote for Brad if it's not too late!


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